Monday, July 26, 2010

Cafe 35

Location: in the French Institute in Prague (IFP), Stepanska 35 = a perpendicular street to Wenceslas Square – real easy to find : look to for hotel “Radison” and continue to go up until you see a French flag on the left side ! The entry looks a little stiff – don’t be shy enter and follow the colored marks on the floor that say “Cafe 35”. 

Cafe 35 at the French Institute is a great place to stop for a coffee or for having a quick and healthy (other than klobasa) lunch if you're near the Wenceslas Square. You can find the French daily press and a little French / Czech ambiente. Particularly pleasant during the summer is the outdoor terrace in the inner court. Beer comes only in bottles - but the wine is quite nice (and inexpensive) and no need to explain the waitresses how to prepare a Pastis.ecriture

Open just during the day (see below) it sometimes stays open later when there are cultural events (sorry French / Czech only). There are two major cultural highlights each year I would like to mention:  the “Fête de la Musique” each 21st of June and the French Cinema Festival. If you can make it to the Fete de la Musique – don’t miss it – it’s usually crowded but the bands (Jazz, Electro, Rock, Folk) playing live are always high quality and of course it’s for free. 

Cafe 35 is a nice and decent place - perfect for reading and writing and meeting people (French speaking) or for a quick bite & espresso. For my taste it is a tiny little too calm  and reserved - but if you need some place to rest and relax for an hour - it might be the perfect place. And once rested you can go ahead and have a glass of wine at the Bresto Bar - just a few steps away.

Opening hours:  Monday-Friday: 8h30-20h00  Saturday: 10h-14h Free Wifi Hotspot (a rather good one!)

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