Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hapu Bar


Orlicka 8. Take the tram n11 and get off at Radhoštská - walk a few steps on Vinohradská (west) until you hit the intersection with Orlická (look for the VZP building on the corner) if you hit the intersection with Baranova you probably went east - so turn around. By metro : Hapu is roughly halfway between Flora and Jirího z Podebrad. 

I am not sure if you can do any better than the Bar Hapu spending  a quiet evening with friends (no more than two or three as space somewhat limited) in this tiny bar. The Hapu bar being located between Zizkov and Vinorahdy has a quite unique flair - hard to describe - I think of it as a place where people and cocktail get mixed.  I find it hard to describe it - test it for yourself !  

The choice of cocktails is delightful even if it might give a little nasty headache when ingested in excessive quantities. There are some 50 different cocktails - state of the art - and skillfully preped by the friendly team of barmen / bar-women.

 If you are looking for a well balanced Manhattan or a the perfect White Russian - this is the place to go ... order, drink, enjoy!

The clientele comes from the closer neighborhood quite a few regulars. Nice mix of expats and Slovaks (maybe because the well known bartender - Martin Streško - is Slovak?) and a few more reserved Czechs - a mix that turns out to work quite well.  

Hapu Bar is a very friendly place where you feel immediatly at ease. Behind a curtain and a few steps leads into a small room that is bathed in a pleasing soft light, with four or five tables and comfortable seats (a little odd and shabby looking but it does not matter).

It is always full without being stuffed, with a certain turn-over between bar and tables, people are  open and friendly and most do speak English, hence a good place to meet folks if you do not master the Czech language ... or simply the place to take your friends out enjoying a few drinks.

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