I live in Prague for about 6 years now and ever since I wanted to write a blog about the Prague.
I did not want to write about history or architecture of Prague as there is a lot out there that covers that far better then I ever could and it would just be too wast for a blog. Writing about Bars & Pubs on the other hand seemed to be a reasonable, useful and fun thing to do.

The idea was not about giving ratings but just write how I feel about places - kind of sharing the ones I like. Having said that I do not see the point writing about places I do not like at all - unless there is a story tell that is worth telling. And I am aware that what is nice place to me might just as well be boring to s.o. else.  

I hope you enjoy those pages and add some of your own experience - use comments if you find anything of this useful.

P.S. My English is crap - be patient and merciful in regards of spelling and writing in general. Again any suggestions and critics are welcome.

P.SS Now that I am done with my first 10 posts I realize that pictures have become an important part for this blog - and I have to admit the part that is most fun ... Let me know if you like it! Still not happy with my writing though... I am really sorry about this!