Friday, July 30, 2010

Cafe Medúza


How to get there : Belgická 17, Vinorahdy (Praha 2) The place is a little hidden behind the trees - I usually go to Náměstí Míru (Metro - green line) and walk down Belgická until hitting the rather unspectacular door (even at my speed this is not more than 5min walking).
If you like the feeling of an old attic, the Medúza might be the right choice – lots of old pictures on the wall and the adjoining gallery features photography and paintings from mostly Czech artists. MED112The interior is a mix of mismatched tables complete with antique sugar bowls, chairs, glasses and a clientele, that ranges from arty intellectuals to curious grandparents. It’s like some old fashioned UK pub mixed up with some contemporary art old school Czech style – all in all a rather enjoyable mix.

The menu is small but cheap and solid and the service is like it used to be in small neighborhood bar.

The Medúza easily turns into a party place after 10 pm – depending on the mix of people and the density. As it is a small place it fills up quite quickly during the evenings, – make sure you reserve a table if you plan to go there in the evening with friends.

Opening hours : Mon-Fri: 9h00 – 01h00, Sat&Su :12h00 - 02h00

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