Monday, June 21, 2010

Bukowski's Bar

Initially my intention was not to write about "expats" bars ... I'll make an exception here as the place is remarkable and because I was involved in the first bar fight in Bukowski's (the barman said so - I gather I can trust him on this) The fighting went well  -  we managed to separate the two friends of ours (something about each respective girlfriends breast size got the two of them into a heated discussion) and we had a few more cocktails to settle the topic... without any real damage. 

How to go there : by Tram Lipanská - follow Lipanská uphill turn right into Bořivojova and keep walking for about 4 min until you reach Bukowski's. 

Bukowski's is owned by Glen Emery - There is an interview that retraces some of his stories during the wild 90's in post communist Prague. And then there is his blog ... 

Bukowski's is one of the few cocktail bar I know off that offers good cocktails. In  fact I would say they are exceptional - even garb one every now and then (I prefer wine). The atmosphere is cosmopolitan open minded and the staff is remarkable. They are open late (3am if I recall it right) it s a good place to chill out with your friends if you are too lazy to go to one of the music bars or good starter to get in shape before.

I like the mix : poeple between  from early 20 to late 40 - 7 languages spoken by the 15 guests and a waitress that smiles if she does not understand. There is a a low-lit back room with comfortable sofas on the left if you need some intimacy.

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