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How to get there? Tram 5, 9, 26, and get off at Olšanské náměstí. The park is located on the St. Cross Hill near Olšanské náměstí - opposite to the small chapel. Cross the road to reach a small paved road that leads to the park. The bar is a few hundred meters higher, you cannot miss it.

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I call it "the bar of Parukarka" lack of something better - its something between a public refreshment stand and a bar - selling mainly beer and Kofola from the tap & grilled sausages in the summer. And there are concerts (rock, punk, jam) going most of the summer and autumn.
Kostel Rocha

Brief history: the bar is located on the hill that dominates the Parukarka Saint-Roch chapel  built in the late seventeenth century after a plague epidemic. It is a small chapel that is worth a look if you take a stroll in the neighborhood, and if you have time you can also take a walk in the cemetery which is very close.

But back to the bar, which is located at a place called "na Krizku" which means "to cross". It seems it was here that the executions proceeded in time, but there is no solid proof for this.
However - what is certain is that in the park are several small bunkers and I wonder what purpose they might have served and why they have been put here. I never did see them - but they are run by a guy who organizes parties from time to time in the bunker, the entrance is an iron door grafitée located midway of the stairway leading from the bar to Olsanské namesti. The bar is open from roughly 11am to midnight - depending on a lot of factors as weather and mood of the person holding the key.

the park and people  
Parukarka is not the tourist place it is neither very clean and cetainly not trendy- but if the underworld intrigues you, if you like the atmosphere and the crazy regulars, you're welcome.CIMG5508-1 The bar owner and or its regulars will tell you about the struggle in recent years with the local authorities of Zizkov. They seems to have decided to turn the spot into something "clean" and profitable. However the struggle has been going on for years now – with little change. Let’s just hope Parukarka will be around for some more years.

If you have children, it's nice to go in the afternoon because there is a playground next to the bar (Czechs have a pragmatic way of doing things : watch you kids on the playground while sipping a lager)  There is a lot of open space & no roads no cars wich makes it perfect place with children – or walking your dog.

In short, Parukarka is perfect for a pickick – playing petanque or having a small stroll and a quickk beer enjoying the view over Prague.

view from Parukarka

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