Sunday, June 13, 2010

Klub Újezd

Location: Újezd 18, Downtown (Mala Strana)

Getting there: tram 9, 20, 22, 23, the tram stop is actually called "Ujezd". Ujezd is the street that runs along the Petrin hill. It's easy to find, as the club is almost almost directly opposite the memorial to the victims of communism.

As said earlier Club Ujezd ("Klub Újezd") is a mythical place! It spreads to a total of four levels (or is it three - well you will need to do some exploring on your own) It seems to me it is has become somewhat calmer than it used to be ten years ago - rumor has it that is used to be one of the craziest places in Prague in the early 90's. Still it feels alternative and it is one of the few bars in this area where you can meet people and make friends with as little as ten words of common vocabulary (adding a few beers if you are shomewhat shy).Big deal of heavy smoking in particular on the upper floors (pot being illegal only in "more than small amounts").

On Friday & Saturday evening the crowd easily gets noisy laughing loudly, calling each other across the smoke thick air with much of "hele" & "vole", pathetically trying to hit on some of the mocking girls. I do not know many cool bars in Mala Strana, but this one is definitely worth a visit.

 During the day it's quite a big deal calmer, I actually managed to do some reading and writing ... once I managed to "climb" on one of those cool looking but absurdly high bar stools.

The decor is quite nice with sculptures in wrought black iron combined with thick wood and some funny drawings (I recall the one indicating the toilet).

Prices are reasonable (even more considering the area of the city) and the service is both friendly and stress-proof.

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