Sunday, June 20, 2010

Casa Blů

Where? Kozi 15 Prague 1.  Go to "Staromestské namesti" = Old town square - you know, the place full of tourists with the clock tower.Continue on Dlouha (Dlouha is on the North corner of the square same as Pařížská) - you should see Caffrey's Irish pub  on your right  - continue until you hit Kozí. It's  5 min walk form the old town sqaure.

Praga latina? La Casa Blu is "latino bar"  - usually crowded at night with a festive backdrop of Latin music, Manu Chao sort of thing - see? A good place to spend a few hours at the bar making friends as there is quite a turnover.  It's not the kind of bar where people stagnate at their table all evening. Public :  relatively mixed, a lot of aliens if not the majority. I have not noticed a particular choice of rum (the beverage of Latin America, after all?) But from memory if you're tired of beer you can drink mojitos. Prices are reasonable as far as I can recall - as far as I can recall after a few tequillas....
After all a Latino bar? I do not think. More of "Yet-another-bar" in Prague where you can enjoy yourself with friends -the atmosphere sort of Czech - but after all that's why you are in Prague, no? 

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